So you’ve seen something
worrying in a friend’s relationship? But now what?

The your best friend logo shows two friends. One has their arm over the other's shoulder in support and the thought bubble says 'hashtag friends can tell'.
We know that it can be intimidating treading the fine line between opening a friend’s eyes and being worried about damaging your friendship. Self-doubt and fear are totally common when you you care about someone and want to do the right thing to help them.

That’s why, through the Your Best Friend project, we’ve been working with young people on the #FriendsCanTell campaign. You will see content across socials and on this page you'll find tips, trusted services who will support you when you need it, and a list of resources that you can share.
About us
Where do you start? If you’re worried about a friend, unless your friend brings it up, it might mean you reaching in and asking if they’re ok. How do you do this though?

To begin with, try and talk to them in private and never challenge the person who is hurting your friend. Safelives ↗ has some tips on how to reach in to begin the conversation.

Once you both start talking, the conversation is likely to be sensitive. You can use our HEAR framework below to navigate this...(Of course, it’s also important that you both stay safe and if there is immediate danger, please call 999.)

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