Through the Your Best Friend fund we have distributed £300,000 in grants to organisations and groups based in England and Wales to create their own ideas and projects that support the aims of the Your Best Friend project.

These grants were available as small grants of £1,000 - £10,000, and large grants between £10,000 and £25,000. With the support of our panels of young people who have made the final decisions, we have awarded the £300,000 to 36 organisations across England and Wales.

Have a look at these incredible organistions and see how they are creating resources, using the arts, and designing spaces for young people to learn from each other.

Meet the Your Best Friend Fund Grantees

The your best friend logo shows two friends with fists in the air

Creating resources for impact
These organisations are creating resources to help friends to help their friends

Using the arts for impact
These organisations are using the arts to help young people to help their friends

Creating spaces for young people to learn
These organisations are creating workshops,
peer-to-peer spaces, and programmes to bring young people together so that they can learn
from each other