Through the Your Best Friend project we're helping each other understand young people’s relationships, what happens when they become unsafe and most importantly, we're providing young people with the knowledge and confidence to help yourself or your friends.

We're empowering all 13-24 year old girls, young women, and non-binary people with knowledge and confidence to help their friends

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These themes emerged from listening to hundreds of girls, young women, and non-binary people. They are so important to understanding what young people witness their friends experiencing in all types of relationships, what stops young people recognising toxic behaviours, what assists and stops young people helping their best friends, and what would make friends intervene and seek professional advice. Over the next few months, we will be working with young people to produce ideas that help solve these problems. In the meantime - you can explore the themes below and read our Discovery Report too.
Theme 1 - Immediate online pressure
Theme 2 - The commonness of control
Theme 3 - The power gap
Theme 4 - Blinded by the butterflies
Theme 9 - Feeling helpless
Theme 10 - Seeking support
Theme 11 - It's not normal the real impact
Theme 7 - The time to step in
Theme 5 - Opening their eyes
Theme 6 - Treading a fine line
Theme 8 - Easier said than done
Why we need to solve this!
Anyone can find themselves in a toxic relationship – no matter what their background is or where they live.

To create the solution we need to understand how you talk to your friends about relationship concerns and what solutions you’d like to see. To do this we have run workshops, focus groups, interviews, and surveys.We have synthesised all the insights from our discovery work so far and you can find them here.

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Your Best Friend will give you honest, practical information you can trust to keep your friends safe from toxic relationships, or get them to safety.

Working with 13-24 year old girls, young women and non-binary people, and experts, we'll give you and your friends what you need to be safe in relationships - this includes supporting at least 40 organisations to help you through financial grants and projects.

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What will Your Best Friend do?
Over the next 2 years, we'll put girls, young women, and non-binary people together with some of the country’s leading experts on safety from toxic relationships. We'll then go where you are, online and in real life, so we can get you the right information and be able to provide you with the support you need to help yourself or your friends.

At every step the whole project will be led by young people and their real experiences, hopes and dreams.
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How will Your Best Friend do it?

We've co-created the
#FriendsCanTell campaign

We know that it can be intimidating treading the fine line between opening a friend’s eyes and being worried about damaging your friendship. Self-doubt and fear are totally common when you you care about someone and want to do the right thing to help them.

That’s why, through the Your Best Friend project, we’ve been working with young people on the #FriendsCanTell campaign. You will see content across socials and on this page you'll find tips, trusted services who will support you when you need it, and a list of resources that you can share.
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11 organisations are joining forces with girls, young women
and non binary people to give you the language and
information you need to:
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Doing this together means doing this better
Know what's ok
Know how to talk about it
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Know how to stay safe and find safety
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Protect your friends and yourself

We're teaming up to make this happen

Through the Your Best Friend project we want to empower young people with the knowledge, support and confidence to keep themselves and their friends safe.

We want to thank the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport - the 'Your Best Friend' project would not be possible without substantial funding from the Tampon Tax Fund.
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If you want to help us spread the word, you can download our resources and campaign pack from the #FriendsCanTell campaign page, and use them in any way you want. You can also join our movement below - we'll send you helpful information to help your friend, and quick tasks that you can do to get this information out to wherever girls, young women and non-binary people they spend their time (online or offline).

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